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Written by Lenore Brown-Phillips   
Monday, 07 August 2017 11:11

On the final day of the Kentucky Summer Classic, Alexandra Duvin bested a field of 41 horse-and-rider combinations to claim the victory in the WIHS/NAL Children’s Jumper Classic, sponsored by Equithrive, aboard King Chacco. In the WIHS/NAL Adult Amateur Jumper Classic, sponsored by Hallway Feeds, it was Dr. Jorge Gomez and Dallas De La Bonnett who topped the leaderboard.

Duvin, 16, of Cincinnati, Ohio, performed a double-clear effort on her 12-year-old Holsteiner gelding King Chacco, crossing the finish line in 33.127 seconds during the jump-off. Isabel Harbour placed a close second in the class on Fit to Print Farm’s 15-year-old Brandenburger gelding, Camera Ready, after jumping double-clear and finishing the jump-off in 33.961 seconds.

Following the Children’s Jumper Classic, the adults took over the Rolex Stadium at the Kentucky Horse Park. Gomez, originally from Colombia, went double-clear and raced to the finish in 33.464 seconds on his 11-year-old Warmblood gelding, Dallas De La Bonnett. The lifelong equestrian balances his riding with his career as an equine veterinarian and has been affiliated with Palm Beach Equine Clinic since 2011. He has represented the clinic at prestigious events around the world such as the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England, the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, Canada, the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France, and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Along with taking home top honors in the classic, Gomez also topped the Adult Jumper division and was awarded the championship title.

Samantha Hill rode Attack, a 17-year-old Belgian Warmblood owned by Andrea Simpson, to second place with a double-clear time of 31.123 seconds. The riders who won Sunday’s classics are now qualified to compete in the same division at the Washington International Horse Show as well as the NAL finals that will take place at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show this fall.


Alexandra Duvin

On King Chacco:
“I acquired him in January and we imported him from Germany – we didn’t even try him. Our broker knew him well and said he was the one so we just went for it. Every time he goes in the ring you can just tell that he wants it more than anyone. He wants to go clear and win. He loves his job.”

On her plan for the class:
“This is my last show of the summer and I wanted to secure my spot into finals this year. I just wanted a ribbon but I knew that I also needed to go for the win.”

On showing in Kentucky:
“The Rolex Stadium is so wonderful. The footing is amazing and there is so much room to gallop and do whatever is necessary to win. The classes are relaxed and the horses are happy here.”

On attending indoor finals:
“I haven’t been [competing] in the children’s jumpers that long – really only half the season. I didn’t expect the finals to be an option for me but I have won some of the more important classes and I am going to be there and ready to win.”

Jorge Gomez

On Dallas De La Bonnett:
“He is 8 years old and I’ve had him for a year. I bought him from Europe after last year’s Florida winter season. He is a super horse. He is very willing to jump and is adjustable – he can go fast and he can go slow. He always goes forward. He is a pleasure to jump and ride.”

On his equestrian veterinary practice:
“I am an equestrian veterinarian at Palm Beach Equine Clinic in Wellington, Florida. We are based in Wellington during the winter and then in the summer, we practice wherever the horses are – Europe, Canada, Tryon, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, etc. Being a horse person definitely, helps as a veterinarian. I’ve been a horse person my entire life and I’m a veterinarian because I love horses. I understand them and it helps me understand problems when I talk to their riders or owners. Having insight into the sport, I think, is a big advantage.”

On the Kentucky Summer Classic:
“I love the rings here and the Kentucky Horse Park is very comfortable. I have my horse based in Kentucky for the summer and it’s very refreshing for them. Having the horses in Florida year round can be hard for them. When they are in Kentucky, they can freshen up and I can keep them happy and willing to work.”


WIHS/NAL Children’s Jumper Classic:
1. King Chacco / Alexandra Duvin / Alexandra Duvin / 75.863 / 0 / 33.127
2. Camera Ready / Isabel Harbour / Fit to Print Farm / 71.522 / 0 / 33.961
3. Photobomb / Annalise Weither / Annalise Weithofer / 76.264 / 0 / 35.034
4. Zoodan W / Lilly Mack / Daniel Cyphert / 77.914 / 0 / 35.179
5. Ragazzo Carino / Adeline Pavlin / Adeline Pavlin / 73.737 / 35.736
6. El Casper / Alexandra Smith / Gut Einhaus LLC / 81.693 / 39.514

WIHS/NAL Adult Amateur Jumper Classic:
1. Dallas De La Bonnett / Jorge Gomez / Jorge Gomez / 75.719 / 0 / 33.464
2. Attack / Samantha Hill / Andrea Simpson / 75.455 / 0 / 34.123
3. Nanny Fine / Katherine Hartshorn / Katherine Hartshorn / 79.351 / 0 / 34.647
4. Gold Lux / Lindsey Tomeu / AM Free Inc. / 74.161 / 0 / 35.357
5. Carany / Anna Lerch / Anna Lerch / 76.94 / 0 / 36.331
6. Emilios / Angela Dominguez / La Primera Hacienda, LP / 81.474 / 0 / 41.383

Kentucky Horse Park